PC Repairs, Upgrades & Home Repairs



 an Hour, or $ 40 per Day

 *Free In-Home Estimate.

 PC Repair Services:
 ~ Installation of Hardware and Software.
 ~ Troubleshooting Performance Issues.
 ~ Explaining How Stuff Works, in Plain English.

 ~ Building a New PC. [$40 + Parts]
 ~ Moving your PC & Desk to another room.

 Estimates are free.

 You can either drop-off (please call or e-mail, to set up an appointment, beforehand) your PC or Laptop, or I can
 come to where you live, or where you work.

 ---- Building a New PC ----
I do not charge by the hour for Building a New PC.
 Labor for this is a Flat Fee of $40, no matter how long it takes to complete this task.
 Parts much be purchased before I can build the PC, but the Flat Fee of $40 for Labor will not be charged until
 after it's built.

 After all the Parts arrive, it should only take about 4 hours to put it all together and install the Operating System
 and Drivers.

 I can also install all Windows Updates, and Transfer your Files, Programs, Website Bookmarks, and
 E-Mail Account to the New PC, for no extra charge, but doing so can add an additional 3 days.
 It's up to you to decide if ya want me to take these additional steps, or if you want to do it yourself. 

 ---- Parts ----

 There are three types of Parts.
 Type 1) Parts I have on me, or have In Stock.
 Type 2) Parts ordered from an Online Store.
 Type 3) Parts purchased from a Local Store.

 I can help you find the best pricing for any parts you need or want, even stuff that I don't have on me, or in stock.
 If you need or want something that's not Type 1, you will have to purchase them yourself, using a Credit Card,
 or a Check. You will keep the receipts.

 ---- Warranty: 30 Days Parts & Labor ----
 Be sure to give me a call, or an e-mail, if any New Parts (Type 1, 2 or 3) that I install for you stop functioning
 properly. If we can't fix them over the phone, I'll come by and take a look at them for free (within 30 days).
 I can bring another Type 1 Item with me, and swap it out for free, or refund your $ (within 30 days). It's your choice.
 Type 2 and 3 Items are a little more tricky.
 I may be able to get them running properly rather quickly, by tweaking some settings on your PC, or by other
 means. I'll try this first.

 I can exchange or return any defective Items that were Purchased Locally, that I Installed for you, so long as you
 have the Receipt and Original Packaging.
 If you opt for an Exchange, or buy something similar with your refund, I'll Test and Install it for free.

 If any Items that were Purchased Online, that I Installed for you, need to be returned or exchanged, I can help
 you through the process of returning them, including boxing them up, and dropping them off at the Post Office or
 UPS or FedEx.

 I don't charge for Boxes, Packing Materials, Labor, or Mileage, on Warranty Work,
 but you'll have to pay for Return Shipping, on items purchased at Online Stores, that won't provide us a prepaid
 return shipping label.

 I'll test and install it's replacement for free too, so be sure and call or e-mail me when you get it.

 If you have to pay Return Postage, I can save you some $ by using my Business Shipping Accounts with USPS
 or UPS. My shipping rates are lower than Retail Rates, and I know other cost-saving tips that can be put to
 good use.

 ---- Payments for PC-Related Work ----
 After the tasks are complete, I'll encourage you to test out your computer, while I'm with you.
 This would be a good time to pick my brain, and have me explain anything you have questions about.
 Once you are satisfied, then payment is due.

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